Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry Team strives to equip students for a life with Christ.

Zack Minnick

Youth Ministry Director

What to Expect

How our Youth spend time together

Our cornerstone is Jesus Christ. From that foundation, we have six pillars of the Youth Ministry: Bible Study, Prayer, Discipleship, Missions, Fellowship, and Service. In our mission together, we want to cultivate a ministry that teaches, disciples, and encourages students to have lifelong relationships with Jesus Christ. Our leaders strive to teach and live out their Faith. By seeing the words and actions of leaders, we hope to instill in your student a real world example of a Christian life. We will not be perfect but we will be compassionate, understanding, humble, and respectful as we disciple your student.
We not only focus on student discipleship but family discipleship as well. Parents have the biggest influence on the students Faith. We what to give you , the parents, tools to succeed in raising your student in Faith.  Our Purpose is to have Scripture-focused study, to Build meaningful relationships through fellowship and mission, to have Students to be active in Discipleship, to Partner with Parents, to have Students to be actively serving in the church, and lastly to Create a desire for Missions.  Our team will come alongside students and parents to equip them to be rooting, growing, reaching, and sending.