Small Groups

At Fruitland Baptist Church, we have a Small Group system that helps us grow closer to God and closer together.

What to Expect

We call our small groups missional communities. Our missional communities system is based on a few foundational principles that we believe should shape missional communities focused on growing together and reaching our community. Here are the foundations we have based our missional communities on, and what to expect when you attend a group:

- Teaching the Bible and emphasizing proper interpretation by focusing on books of the Bible rather than topical studies.
- Including every aspect of worship and prioritizing prayer together.
- Allowing ample time for questions and comments while maintaining control over sidebars to stay on topic.
- Maintaining consistent communication within our groups.
- Planning fellowship activities and ensuring that everything done is missional in nature.
- Emphasizing hospitality and ensuring that all are welcome and included.
- Staying true to the church's vision while fostering growth and outreach (Rooted, Growing, Reaching, Sending).
- Letting love be the driving force behind our small groups.

We are truly blessed with a lot of diverse, Missional communities. One of them will fit you and your family.

Interested in a Small Group?

Complete the form and let us know. We can get you rooted with a group that is right for you and convenient to where you live.