Sunday School

We are blessed to have a comprehensive ministry of discipling which we call Sunday School. Our outstanding staff of instructors are motivated not only by the position of teaching but are called to actively enable our church fellowship to grow and learn in a positive led group study for all age ranges. These ‘volunteers’ are well seasoned and motivated to teach the Gospel in a very dynamic and learner friendly environment. All are dedicated to being very well prepared each Sunday and ready to engage and challenge our ‘students” to learn and grow in their relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Our Classes...

...begin with our Pre-Schoolers and run the gamut from our youngest to the most senior among us.

Our classes meet each Sunday beginning at 9:45am in the Children's wing, Fellowship Hall, Youth Room and Adult Sunday School wing. To find a suitable class for yourself and family see, Candi Mains, A.J. Ball or any of our Pastors.

Children's Classes

Children’s classes are broken into age specific groupings that allows each student to learn at their maturity level and among their peer groups. These are exciting learning activities and experiences that engage these young folks in ways that allows them to participate and be an integral part of the teaching in concert with their comfort level.
Room M-119
3 Year to Pre-K
Room M-119
Kindergarten & 1st
Room M-117
2nd & 3rd Grade
Room M-115
4th & 5th Grade
Room M-113

Youth Ministry

Our Youth group includes both middle and high school age students taught by our Youth Ministry Director and assisted by his spouse and other young adults within our fellowship that have close relationships with our youth. These sessions are experiential learning opportunities and engage our youth on a wide variety of topics that provides Biblical foundation and instruction on the wide range of challenges our students face at home, in school, in social activities and sports. Everyday life events and pressures to fall in line with the societal norms of today are addressed with a keen sense of what the Bible teaches us as we mature and grown into adulthood. Each student is considered a leader and is given opportunity to participate at their comfort level. Negative rhetoric or bias/prejudice of any kind is not tolerated. Again, all subject matter is based solely on what the Bible teaches us on how to live our lives in Christ.

Adult Classes

Our Adult unit offers a wide variety of groupings and styles of teaching using, a curriculum prepared by Lifeway Ministries or specific subject matter of the teachers choosing straight out of Scripture. Several of our classes have topics chosen by the class and in some cases one or two of the members will research a particular topic and present their findings over a few weeks. Classes range from younger couples through more mature couples and others are a mixed group of married couples and singles (widows/widowers). Our staff of ‘teachers’ often engage the class on topics that ‘stretch’ their understanding of todays social and societal issues that engage all of us on some level. The classes are dynamic and require participation and, in some cases, preparation on the part of class members. Additionally, our adult classes informally take on a very important role of caring and ministering to their members in times of celebration, special holidays and in times of need. You are cordially invited to come join us; adults are welcome to attend different classes in an effort to find a comfortable learning environment for them.
Adult 1
Fellowship Hall
Adult 3
Room H-108
Adult 4
Room H-106
Adult 5
Room H-109
Adult 6
Room H-103
Adult 2
Adult 7
Room H-107
Ladies of Faith
Room H-101