Deacon Family Ministry

The focus and goal of our ministry is to be a connection point for every family within our community of faith. To provide them with a point of contact that can answer questions, provide information and be available in their good and bad times.

The objectives of our Deacon Family Ministry are:

1. To provide a direct and personal connection to the Church and ministries and opportunities available to is members
2. To be a resource for the Pastors to provide assistance with the physical, spiritual and emotional need of each family
3. To pray about specific needs of each family and rejoice with them as needs are met and victories are won or through times of sorrow and loss.

Deacons are in accordance with Scripture called to serve the body, we are not a Board of Directors that oversees and supervises the Pastors and Staff. Our servant mentality is to be available 24/7 for the families we are assigned. At present, each Deacon has at least eleven families assigned to them. Once assigned the Deacon
should make initial contact and introduce themselves to the family and provide them with their contact information and their business card. Once the relationship is established routine follow up is continuous based on the comfort level of both parties.

A wonderful growth opportunity exists in this ministry as the Deacons are paired with one of our three Pastors. This relationship will provide the Deacon with a “hands on” experience as our Pastors involve us with their outreach to the members of our fellowship in times of celebration, health issues, family issues and during other times of fellowship and relationship building. Many opportunities for growth are also available as our Pastors are involved in a wide range of community and ministerial activities throughout the local area, within our Baptist organizations as well as missional opportunities locally and
in the ‘uttermost”.

It's been a learning experience for all of us, the Deacons, the Pastors and our members at this point as we are plowing new ground. However, there are many instances of families and individuals finding comfortable places to ‘plug into’ our fellowship and engage in expanding our voice & witness for Christ through the work of our Family Ministry. We look forward to what God has in store for us as we continue to grow, improve and strengthen this ministry. We need your support and your prayers.